Cannot complete the flashing process on '16 audi q5

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Cannot complete the flashing process on '16 audi q5

Post by supspd »

I have installed a CMVWXA0 and ads-thr-aud2 remote start in two of my c7 audi a6s with no problem.
I tried installing the same setup in my wife's '16 audi Q5 and I cannot get to the second step of programming, weblink is telling me the device is empty (or something along those lines).
I followed the guide and did the first half of the flash, then installed the module according to the guide.
When I try to go through the steps in the guide, the LED 1 goes from red, to green, to red solid and then after a few seconds it starts blinking the same number of blinks with a pause in between. I counted 7 blinks but cannot find what that means anywhere. The document for the CMVWXA0 only goes up to 6. Again, this is half way through the flashing process.
Does anyone have any idea how I can move past that issue?
Any help is highly appreciated.

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Re: Cannot complete the flashing process on '16 audi q5

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Dealer tech support is open Monday through Friday from 8:30am to 8:30pm EST.
Brian Murphy
MECP Advanced Certified Installer
ADS Tech Support
Automotive Data Solutions inc.
8400, Bougainville, Montreal, QC.

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