SU2 and 4200 nex - no backup camera

Group using the SU1 and SU2 firmware for Ford SYNC retention * see specific firmware for full feature list.
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SU2 and 4200 nex - no backup camera

Post by royalflush5 » Sat Sep 01, 2018 5:15 pm

Not sure where I’m wrong here. I flashed the rr with the newest firmware and I still can’t get the camera to show up. When I put the car in reverse I get a black screen. I’m installing this in my 17 wrx with hk. Speakers work, only thing I haven’t done yet is strip that pink wire for star link. Is that all I have to do or am I missing something else?

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Re: SU2 and 4200 nex - no backup camera

Post by Zack Flynn » Tue Sep 04, 2018 8:16 pm

There are a few different installation types based on which factory radio you had in your Subaru. Also it is important to not that we do not currently support a 2018 model. I know that you said it is a 2017, but I wanted to make sure you actually are working on a 2017 and not an 18 flashed as a 17. Check and verify that you are connected properly with all the connectors on the SU2 for your original factory radio type, and measure the diagonal size of the original screen to determine which type to follow. If you still have issues with the camera, please give us a call, because there is a lot to test and go over. Usually too much to try and go back and forth about over forum posts.
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