2011 F150 RF speaker stopped playing, et al

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2011 F150 RF speaker stopped playing, et al

Post by cburks25 » Fri Aug 31, 2018 2:01 am

2011 F150, w/sync; X009-FD1:
Issue 1: after a week the RF speaker would cutout, then stopped all together (JBL components); then the tweeter followed the same path so now I have no sound in the RF position. Figured it was the crossover mounted in the door, ordered a new one from JBL, still no sound. I've checked the aftermarket amp and RCA's. Any ideas?

Issue 2: handsfree does not work properly; if I connect thru aftermarket, I hear the caller but the caller cannot hear me; if I connect thru sync, the caller hears me but I cannot hear the caller.

Issue 3: the dash display has a mind of it's own, sometimes it will display as it should, other times it will only display the date, one other thing I can't remember, but nothing else.

Issue 4: OBDII status is Disconnected. I'm guessing it's because I did not plug it in, or hardwire it. Page 9of12 in the installation manual states, "NOTE: On 2011 thru 2014 models, connection is not required." Did I misinterpret that portion?

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Chad L. Burks

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Re: 2011 F150 RF speaker stopped playing, et al

Post by Dara DeGrand » Fri Aug 31, 2018 8:50 am

1- The audio does not go through the maestro, so this is unrelated to our product. If you have access to a meter or test speaker, you can hook it up at each junction in the audio path and see where your ac voltage/audio stops. When you find that spot, that's your culprit.

2-If they can't hear you via the alpine bluetooth, it sounds like the microphone either wasn't installed, or isn't working properly. As for Sync... There is an audio cable that comes in our kit, that runs from the RR to the radio. Make sure this is connected to iDatalink I/F on the radio, or you will hear no audio at all from sync.

3- The radio sends this information to the display.

4- You're misinterpreting the note. the Pink/Red wire isn't required in newer trucks, but the OBD2 is ALWAYS required, or you will have no gauges.
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