2012 Challenger w stock amp & Kenwood DDX594

Group using the CH1, CH2 and CH3 firmwares for uConnect, steering wheel controls, OEM amplifier retention. compatible with select Mitsubishi and Volkswagen vehicles * see specific firmware for full feature list.
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2012 Challenger w stock amp & Kenwood DDX594

Post by DevlshOne » Sat Jul 28, 2018 6:30 pm

I thought I was getting pretty good with the RR / CH1 setups... I've done half-dozen for my other Challenger friends. Today I decided I would upgrade the head unit in my daily driver (2012 SXT+) from the RESwPhone to a brand new Kenwood DDX594 that I picked up pretty cheap. Had a little bit of trouble with the CANbus at first and then realized the head unit needed a firmware update. Everything powers and functions as it is supposed to - steering wheel controls work, etc. but NO AUDIO. Regardless of the source, there's nothing hitting the speakers. Now, Is there a way for me to see if perhaps the stock amp isn't turning on? That seems like the most logical problem since it's a brand new head unit, RR and CH1 - and four of the six speakers are also brand new. Anyone have a fuse location or a wire to check on the T-harness?

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Re: 2012 Challenger w stock amp & Kenwood DDX594

Post by billr » Mon Jul 30, 2018 2:11 pm

let's start with the basic stuff:
1) do you have the Blue/White wire (amp turn on) on the Maestro T harness connected to the Blue/White wire of the Kenwood? can you make sure there is 12 volts on that wire when the radio is on?
2) the main fuse for the amplifier is the same fuse for the radio memory, so if the radio is keeping the radio stations you don't have a fuse issue
3) The amplifier doesn't have a turn on wire going to it, it uses CAN data to turn on and off so it's not as easy to tell if the amp is turning on or off
4) check your speakers. it's possible that one of the speakers terminals or wire could be touching metal by accident and that would shut down the amplifiers output
5) with a multimeter make sure you have output on the radios rca outputs by turning the multimeter to AC voltage, put the meters leads on one of the rca outputs (red meter lead to center conductor, black meter lead on the outer shield of the rca) then turn the volume up and down and see if the voltage goes up and down
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