2017 Tundra w/JBL - Maestro RR - Alpine ilx-f309

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2017 Tundra w/JBL - Maestro RR - Alpine ilx-f309

Post by ToyoTundra813 » Fri Jun 01, 2018 10:19 pm

Hello, I have a 2017 Tundra Platinum w/ JBL. I have the Maestro RR with the TO2 idatalink cable for the new Alpine iLX-F309.


After wiring and installing the unit, I can't get the head unit to turn on. I'm getting 2 red flashes on the RR module. From what I read, it was flashed with the wrong model OR I entered the wrong serial number when prompted. I've tried resetting it several time and refreshing it several times...

Fun Facts:

1. The directions on the website instruct me to enter the serial # starting from the letter S or B (9 characters). The Alpine iLx-F309 does not have an S or B in the serial number. I have an R (example: R12345678).
2. Following the wiring instructions on the TO2 for my year truck...it doesn't tell me to utilize the idata link plug on the back of the Alpine. (I tried after several failed attempts anyway) I know this is Alpines latest model, so I have suspicions that the Firmware and/or wiring instructions are not accurate for this model Truck and Radio...

Please Help...


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Re: 2017 Tundra w/JBL - Maestro RR - Alpine ilx-f309

Post by Dara DeGrand » Mon Jun 04, 2018 8:54 am

2x red flashes is normal when the radio doesn't turn on. The flashing is the RR's way of saying that it's awake and trying to communicate with the radio (but of course, it can't communicate if the radio isn't turning on).

All the RR is doing to turn on the radio is sending 12v accessory power from the heavy gauge red wire in the 3 pin connector on the RR. If you check that wire with a meter, is the RR sending voltage when the key is on? If so, the problem is not with the maestro. The radio might have one of its components or cables not plugged in, or there may be something wrong with the radio itself.

1. Alpine somewhat changed their serial number convention with the halo units- they now start with R.
2. You should be using this guide: http://images.idatalink.com/corporate/C ... 180516.pdf
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