2012 FJ Cruiser - Pioneer 8200 + Sirius

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Re: 2012 FJ Cruiser - Pioneer 8200 + Sirius

Post by okeemike » Mon Jul 17, 2017 5:41 pm

capodecina wrote:I have a 2012 FJ Cruiser with the same factory head unit. I understand from this post that the Sirus XM tuner is on board the HU and an external one will be needed.

Also, with this adapter allow me to use the original factory XM antenna?
Take a look at this adapter: https://www.tss-radio.com/catalogsearch ... FA12F&cat= It’s a SFA12F from tss-radio.com. Contact them directly, as they have a short (18”) cable that will work. This adapter will allow you to use the existing stock Satellite antenna.

I used this on my 2012 FJ, and it’s been excellent.

The folks at tss-radio are excellent, and shipped it to me next day air.

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