Next Preset Function

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Next Preset Function

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I have a 2018 Jeep Wrangler JK and will be installing a Kenwood eXcelon DMX907S. On the backside of the steering wheel on the left side there is the Seek up/ Seek down and the Next Preset button in the middle. With the OEM radio and in Sirius when I push the Next Preset button it does just that, goes to the next preset Sirius station. That is not a choice when flashing the RR in the drop down box. I did do a search for this issue and found something that may be similar. Is it an issue with this radio that next preset is not an option therefore I can't choose it for the RR? Is there any option I can choose when flashing the RR that will cycle through the Sirius presets when I push the Next Preset button?

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Re: Next Preset Function

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It's not an option because that is not how Kenwood designed it. When you're using the radio, at the very top of the screen when you're in the tuner source, you change the seek mode. I believe it will say 'Auto1', 'Auto2', etc. Tap it and it should cycle through the different seek modes. When you change this, it also changes how the steering wheel controls respond when you seek. I hope this helps.
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