2008 Audi TT with Bose

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2008 Audi TT with Bose

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I learned about your product on Crutchfield's website although they don't sell the specific item I am inquiring about on their site. So I am just clarifying if this will work for me.
I am installing a Pioneer AVH-2550NEX. I will be bypassing the Bose amplifier and using an aftermarket amplifier.
I was looking at the two products you have listed for this application, the RR and the RR2 (although I don't see what the difference is between the two, please explain)
Is this product all I will need to install this head unit into the car and allow full functionality minus the factory amplifier? Will I need an antenna adapter?

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Re: 2008 Audi TT with Bose

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The Maestro RR2 offers the same retention and exclusive screens as the Maestro RR,while adding support for additional vehicles and enabling Bluetooth programming directly from your IOS and Android mobile device. We are still developing the bluetooth flashing apps, so this feature is not available yet. It also has programmable outputs that can be triggered by certain events in the vehicle (ex: turn signals, key positions, gear positions, etc).

You would need the RR or RR2, VW1 harness, a dash kit (if applicable) and antenna adapter. The last two parts are not made by us, so you would source them from a third party.
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