2014 Dodge Avenger SE with UConnect 730n RER

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2014 Dodge Avenger SE with UConnect 730n RER

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I have installed an aftermarket rear camera already(not working yet) and 2 headrest monitors for DVD(not working yet). The idea is to keep my factory head unit which provides me with Navigation/DVD/Phone and Bluetooth, I have installed a premium sound system already using a Line Out converter and works perfectly. In order for me to connect I understand I do not need an Interface since these are used for aftermarket head units, so I am looking for the exact harnesses I need in order to send Video from my OEM head unit to the rear entertainment system and to receive signal from the rear camera(AV INPUT and OUTPUT) I have purchased the Part # HRN-AV-CH1 and the adaptor is a male connector(head unit is a male connector too) so this one does not fit directly to the back of the head unit. What other harness do I need ? or Which ones? Thank you

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Re: 2014 Dodge Avenger SE with UConnect 730n RER

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Unfortunately we do not have a harness or interface that connects to the OEM radio to provide video out. You may want to check out companies like NavTV that specialize in OEM headunit integration products.

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