Inline fuse blows/ no climate contro/ no stereo 2013 F150

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Inline fuse blows/ no climate contro/ no stereo 2013 F150

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I had bought the K150 dash kit, maestro RR module, did all the wiring myself and everything worked excellent for about 3 months, now all of the sudden the inline fuse in the harness that came with the k150 conversion kit decides randomly one morning to blow out leaving me with no stereo or climate control. I was able to trace the issue back to the "A" port connection to the module, i will have power to the RR box until the "A" port is plugged in causing the fuse to blow everytime i start the vehicle. I have the pioneer avh-211e I believe which seems to be ok however it will not turn on the screen wont even light up. None of the wiring diagrams can tell me what wires the A port includes as they seem to not exist which makes no sense. All of the other fuses in my vehicle that have to do with the stereo are ok. I also re-flashed the RR module which didnt make a difference so im assuming it is ok. Has anyone else had this issue or have any idea what could be wrong?
Update: I replaced the old sound system and climate control panel, leaving the problem to be in the harness or maestro RR block. any ideas/ thoughts help. Thank you!

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Re: Inline fuse blows/ no climate contro/ no stereo 2013 F150

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Which specific connector are you referring to as "A"? I don't have that association in a guide for the K150 kit and the module isn't labeled as such either. If you wanted to grab a picture or describe it here, it'd be of great help to further diagnose what's going on.
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