2012 Ford Focus Hatchback SE

Group using the FO1 and FO2 firmware for Ford SYNC retention * see specific firmware for full feature list.
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2012 Ford Focus Hatchback SE

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I recently got the Maestro ADS-MRR to get an aftermarket head in a '12 Focus HB SE that had the stock 4.3" screen. I find the Kenwood interface kludgy, but it's leaps and bounds better than the stock stuff. Some questions that I figure others have run into here:

- I was wondering if you could retain the stock microphone in the car or if it'd be better to utilize the one Kenwood gave me? I can hit the sync button but it seems like I didn't connect the microphone up properly.
- There are 2xRCA and a small 3-pin connector that yields a headphone/1bit dac jack. I've not tried the RCAs that come from a different harness, but the docs show the 1bit dac going right into the back of the head. I think this is not correct, though.
- Can you reprogram the steering wheel controls from the head or would it needs to connect back up to a PC? When I am listening to mp3s via the thumbdrive, the fwd/back buttons will change songs but holding either down won't fast-forward or rewind. It's annoying. I can do it on the dash, though.
- Is there a way to retain the stock USB port that's in the center console/armrest? How about the 1bit dac jack there?
The dash kit yields one more USB port that I share between a thumb drive and when I use android auto.
- Is the only way to get my Sirius back to purchase a Sirius Tuner? https://www.amazon.com/SXV300AZV1-Conne ... 07QJH1Z8B/

Connectors on Image

Equipment Other things: Kenwood DMX706S, Maestro KIT-FOC1, METRA 40EU10.


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Re: 2012 Ford Focus Hatchback SE

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The factory microphone only works for the Sync system. You will need to run the aftermarket microphone for using any of the Kenwoods BT or voice commands. The 3.5mm jack that has the 3 pin black connector on the other side is the one that connects to the back of the Kenwood, and is how we get audio from Sync and other factory audio we pass to the aftermarket radio. The RCA jacks are not used in your application, as they only work in other Ford applications that use the same harness, and not originally equipped with Sync. The steering wheel controls are reassigned only by reflashing the RR on the computer. The stock USB port and 3.5mm jack are only retained if using the stock Sync system. Some people make a small panel for a universal USB and 3.5mm jack to go in place of the stock one. You would need to get an aftermarket SAT tuner to have SAT radio in your vehicle, as we do not retain that factory feature.
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