Do I have this right? 2018 Mustang

8-Channel Interactive Signal Processor w/ Integrated iDatalink Maestro Module
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Do I have this right? 2018 Mustang

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I brought this up in my last post but it kind of went unanswered so I called Rockford and got redirect to ADS. After talking to ADS I'm still a little confused, maybe more...

I'm using the DSR1 with the F03 harness in a 2018 Mustang with factory 9 speaker system. I have used Forscan to flatten the signal which was already a low level signal to the factory amp. The unit was updated(all 3) as of about 2 months ago with current versions.

The only time I have any output out of the 7/8 channels is when there is a signal on the left rear input of the DSR. If I fade to any other channel I have no output. This means when there is different audio between left and right, I lose every thing that is played on the right. I believe that since the 7/8 channels are for the sub, the full range audio should be summed from left and right and really should be summed from all 4 channels before being sent to the amp. This is not happening on my unit.

To test, I've wired the 7/8 channels to my mid bass speakers with crossover turned off on the DSR to send full range audio to the amp and all balance/fader set to center. Playing test tones for stage testing, the audio could drop as the audio moved to the right and completely drop out when the signal was all the way to the right.

Is this the correct behavior or is there a problem with my DSR? If this is the correct behavior, why is it this way?


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