What is the SWI CIRCUIT 1 OUTPUT wire? Need passthrough for SWI singal!

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What is the SWI CIRCUIT 1 OUTPUT wire? Need passthrough for SWI singal!

Post by DefenderJosh »

I have a unique setup in a vehicle (2008 Land Rover LR3) where I'm using a Sony XAV-AX5000 (for CarPlay) through the Aux input/mode of the factory head unit in order to utilize the factory MOST (optical bus) amp.

I'd really like to find a way to keep the steering wheel's volume button signals going to factory head unit while letting the Maestro SW do its thing for the other buttons with the XAV-AX5000, but I can't seem to find the secret sauce with the wiring (obviously anything other than the prescribed, standard connections results in one or both factory head unit and/or Maestro SW not receiving the expected resistances).

The purple/yellow "SWI CIRCUIT 1 OUTPUT" wire sure sounds like the kind of thing that would do what I want. What's it for? It doesn't seem to send any signal at all, so I suspect it's something that isn't enabled with the firmware I'm using, or doesn't really do what it sounds like it does. Is there any way to enable it? Or is there any way to achieve passthrough on the Maestro SW for the SWI signal? Truly, the way Aux mode works on the factory head unit, it doesn't require anything sophisticated—it would be fine if ALL the signals/the raw SWI signal was simply decoded by the Maestro SW for the XAV-AX5000 AND ALSO simply passed through the Maestro SW because I don't really use the Mode button and the Prev/Next buttons are unused in Aux mode.

Thanks in advance for any help or direction anyone may offer!

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Re: What is the SWI CIRCUIT 1 OUTPUT wire? Need passthrough for SWI singal!

Post by JustinFerroni »

You will need to create a custom firmware. Not sure if it will work as you are planning because they are all on the same resistance network, but here is all the info we can provide to help in your adventure.
SWI 1 Input Purple red would go to grey/red pin 18
SWI FEED Output Black/White would go to grey/black pin 7
Also here is the video on the process to create your custom firmware. Best of luck
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