2011 F350 Maestro RR JVC KW-V950BW add PIDs?

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2011 F350 Maestro RR JVC KW-V950BW add PIDs?

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Hey guys,

New to the Maestro world. I was wondering how I add additional guage options to my JVC? I don't know if its a Maestro problem or a JVC issue? I want to see things like Oil temp/Coolant Temp, REGEN On, Trans Temp, Exhaust Gas temps etc. I know those PIDs are available because I used the Torque app and a Bluetooth adapter to view them on an old Fire Tablet but was hoping to move that to my new JVC HU if possible.

Any direction would be greatly appreciated.

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Re: 2011 F350 Maestro RR JVC KW-V950BW add PIDs?

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Any gauges we are able to populate will be available in the list on the radio. You can either push/hold on the gauge you want to change or go into Maestro settings>Gauges. Some radios this may be under vehicle settings.

If it's not on the list and able to be selected, unfortunately there's not a way to add it on your end.

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