2015 jeep renegade questions

Group using the CH1, CH2 and CH3 firmwares for uConnect, steering wheel controls, OEM amplifier retention. compatible with select Mitsubishi and Volkswagen vehicles * see specific firmware for full feature list.
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2015 jeep renegade questions

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Hey guys I was looking to remove my damn Uconnect radio. I was looking at the options for my véhicule. I was hesitating between the 2 modules. What is the function : "Assignable to steering wheel buttons" which the RR2 has and not the RR.

Also, it says I can use the CH3 or the CH3X. What's the difference between them

Thanks in advance

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Re: 2015 jeep renegade questions

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Both modules allow you to assign steering wheel controls to do any function the aftermarket radio is able to do thru their wired remote protocol. The RR2 will allow the steering wheel controls to trigger any of 3 low amperage outputs that could be used to turn a relay on for other auxiliary functions. There is no difference between the CH3 and CH3X harnesses. The CH3 supersedes the CH3X, so you may not even find a CH3X anymore.
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