2012 FJ Cruiser w/ Pioneer AVH-W4500NEX audio issues at startup

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2012 FJ Cruiser w/ Pioneer AVH-W4500NEX audio issues at startup

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To clarify, I have a 2012 Toyota FJ Cruiser that came with the stock JBL sound system w/ subwoofer, bluetooth, and full steering wheel controls. I upgraded the sound system with a Pioneer AVH-W4500NEX so i could get the wireless Android Auto and display the backup camera on the dash screen and get the OBD2 diagnostics as well. I am connected using the RR-TOY01-DS Maestro module and cable harness running version 3.3 of the Toyota firmware which was recently updated using the Weblink Desktop on my Macbook laptop, which neither improved nor worsened the issues I am experiencing.

All in all, when the set-up works, it works fantastically. When it doesn't, it is a royal PITA! There were a lot of initial issues with wireless Android Auto because of the draft version of the software on non-Google Android phones (I have a Galaxy S10), but with the latest version of Android (10.0) on my phone, those issues (like being able to automatically connect the phone wirelessly and the radio consistently) have completely been eliminated, thank God!

One very annoying issue that has dogged my set-up however has sort of been described in a few other posts and I haven't seen a good resolution. So I have decided to transition from just perusing to actively working the issue here in the boards. I'll try to describe what is happening with near regularity.

Whenever I first get into my FJ in the morning and start the engine, the Pioneer will fire up and go through it's brief startup cycle, eventually ending in either the radio display, or with the Android Auto display depending on where the system was when I last shut the car down. However, nearly invariably, there will be no sound coming from the speakers. Or on some random occasions there will only be sound produced in the left (front and back) channel. From the display it is clear that music is being generated (either by the radio or by my phone via Android Auto), but nothing is coming from the speakers. I can rectify the problem by either repeatedly cycling the car power off then on again, or by going through the radio controls and performing a master reset of the Maestro module (losing all of my Maestro settings... bah!), or a combination of both. This will occasionally work of just one cycle (yippie!) or may take 7 or 8 cycles (mehhhhhh... :twisted: ). And sometimes the Gods smile upon me and the radio just works all day without cycling from first start, no matter how many stops I make (glorious! :D ). Once the sound works, I have not had it spontaneously stop working while the car is running. I have had it stop if I turn off the car when I get to work or at a store (grocery, gas station, etc.) and then get back in and fire the car back up. That is when I eye my conceal-carry Glock 26 and think about putting the damn Maestro out of my misery... :evil:

I have checked all of my wiring connections by jiggling them in a hunt for loose or flaky wiring or connectors, which has been fruitless. I can only conclude one of two causes: a) an undependable software load on the Maestro, or b) a bad Maestro module. I am beyond the timeframe to do an Amazon return/exchange of the module.

Please help! If this is a flaw in the design, I'm not going to be happy... but I suspect that isn't the case as I've seen plenty of satisfied customers with nearly identical setups to my own.


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Re: 2012 FJ Cruiser w/ Pioneer AVH-W4500NEX audio issues at startup

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on the maestro harness you will find a 2 pin connector with green/red and green/yellow wires in it. cut the connector off and solder the two green/red's together and tape up and then do the same with the green/yellow's. Its data lines so the commands being sent wouldnt get resolved by moving the harness around.
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