Trouble shooting help(Maestro RR, Alpine Restyle)

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Trouble shooting help(Maestro RR, Alpine Restyle)

Post by freddyttt »

2014 Ford f150, Alpine X009-FD2, Maestro RR)

Ive got a 4 channel amp, and a sub amp. all worked awesome for 2 years or so.

Back up camera is no longer working!

my problem.
Ive lost my rear speakers completely and my fronts work at times, other times one will go out, then back on when turned up loud. now all of a sudden my fronts work but my sub-woofers are out. all power good at the amps. no short that i can see. I swear its the head unit acting up but I can't get a shop to pull it to test and send it off to Alpine. Alpine won't take it if I pull it and send it in. :evil: they need a authorized dealer to do it.

someone suggested maybe its my Maestro RR that needs a software update!? its been about 2 years or so.
does that sound possible.???

this is been very frustrating.


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Re: Trouble shooting help(Maestro RR, Alpine Restyle)

Post by billr »

it's highly unlikely the RR is at fault since the audio goes from the radio straight to the amplifiers and not through the RR. It sounds like one (or more) of the speakers may be in question since you said that you can turn the music up loud and the speakers start to work again. I would start there.

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