Fiat 500x Battery Draining

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Fiat 500x Battery Draining

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I suspect that the Maestro RR or the radio might be draining my battery. 3 times in one year, my car has been towed to dealership for a new battery replacement!!!

I have read elsewhere here that the harness or some pins might be the culprit. Could this be present with the Maestro harness for Fiat too??? 😣😞🙁

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Re: Fiat 500x Battery Draining

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It'ss a pretty popular firmware and we haven't gotten any reports of drain issues. I would recommend doing a parasitic draw test with in the following order.
1- with factory radio installed to get a base number
2- with maestro and radio installed
3- with radio unplugged but maestro and harness installed
4- with maestro unplugged and radio installed
5- with everything unplugged
Remember when doing your draw tests that each time all doors must be in the latched closed position and vehicle must sit for about 10 minutes to ensure the computer systems are asleep. You want to also ensure no other circuits are energized during this time because you will get false readings.
Parasitic Draw Test Video
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