2011 F250 JVC KW-V350BT install

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2011 F250 JVC KW-V350BT install

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Having some difficulty with this installation. I followed all the diagrams made all the connections. And when I plugged it all in the maestro blinked red twice. I checked the data link and it was in the correct orientation. The radio also stayed on with no key in the ignition and door opened. I also had a factory plug not connected as well as the red and yellow (separate connections) factory connections not attached.

I’m not the most experienced of radio installers but I’m proficient at wiring and automotive. Any help would be appreciated.

Thank you.

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Re: 2011 F250 JVC KW-V350BT install

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Radio is powering on but stays on?
Can you send pictures of all the connectors plugged into the vehicle like you are describing as well as the wire connection to our support email?

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