Problems with my Prius and Prioneer

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Problems with my Prius and Prioneer

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I have a Pioneer AVH-2440nex and a 2008 Prius Gen 2. Everything has been going smoothly with my steering wheel controls and my Maestro SW, but all of a sudden they stopped working, and only a few work properly. The volume up is now re-starting the track playing, and only volume down works, and the other buttons are all either changed or not working. I re-flashed the unit, but I get the same results, even when trying to re-map different buttons). Here are my flash codes from the unit:

Volume up gives me 1 red flash
Next track gives me 4 red flashes

Any thoughts? Does this mean there's more of an issue with my steering wheel controls than the Maestro?

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Re: Problems with my Prius and Prioneer

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It is quite possible but what i would look at first would be if Pioneer has any updates on the radio firmware. Then look at cleaning out the buttons on the steering wheel. Finally, look at your connections to the wiring in the vehicle, if you are using any type of connector remove it and go wire to wire and solder them.
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