2019 Tacoma with RR and UK Kenwood DNX9190DABS

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2019 Tacoma with RR and UK Kenwood DNX9190DABS

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HI, I have a 2019 Tacoma here in the UK, customer has supplied Maestro RR with all relevant accessories. The DNX9190DABS is not listed in the head unit option so I have programmed for Other W Bluetooth (along with some others with similar model numbers to try) Remote is connected via Blue Yellow and LED on Maestro responds to steering wheel commands, resistance also varies on the Blue Yellow. BUT it is having no effect on the head unit. I have tried the jack plug as I also have a "Remo In" on 9190 as well as Blue/Yellow. Help please!

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Re: 2019 Tacoma with RR and UK Kenwood DNX9190DABS

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Maestro is designed for the North American market for both the vehicle and the radio. Here are couple things to check:
1- During flash you have the buttons assigned
2- You have the blue/yellows connected together and have solid connection (don't us the 3.5mm)
If those are good there isn't anything else we can do going forward as the issue lies within the radio and its protocol for steering wheel buttons. The fact that you are getting light flashes with each button press indicates we see the vehicle and are outputting the command its the radio that doesn't accept it.
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