Correct VW1 harness for MK2 Audi TT 2013...

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Correct VW1 harness for MK2 Audi TT 2013...

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I'm installing Maestro RR and VW1 harness on my 2013 MK2 TT, non-bose. The RR wiring instructions illustrates two white connectors on the harness that should attach to each other. My VW1 harness does not have these two white connectors....should it? Am I not using the correct harness?

For others that have used VW1 harness, does it have 2 white connectors that attach to each other?

I have it all wired in to a Kenwood DDX9905S but I'm getting no sound.

Thank you.

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Re: Correct VW1 harness for MK2 Audi TT 2013...

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at one point there was a white connector but that was removed from our harness, the instructions are being updated as we speak and that white connector will be removed.
Sorry about the discrepancy.

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