17 Durango R/T W/Beats

8-Channel Interactive Signal Processor w/ Integrated iDatalink Maestro Module
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17 Durango R/T W/Beats

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Hello I am in need of understanding how the channels are able to control each speaker. My plan is to run 2 4 channels amps and 1 amp for subwoofer box. With 8 outputs and 10 speakers plus an addition subwoofer box how would I wire it up. I don’t want to lose any factory equipment sounds from center speaker or any other speaker for that matter. Can I just use 1 amp for highs? Just looking for correct wire setup as the maestro picture are pretty generic. I’m really hoping this unit DSR1 wasn’t a waste as I waited so look to change the quality of the sounds in this truck. I’ve purchased subwoofer box, Sub amp, Dsr1, PLC2 Knob and T harness. Just wanna see what my options are before I waste more money.


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Re: 17 Durango R/T W/Beats

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Ultimately, the system design and how you configure the outputs is up to you. There is no 'right' answer. I recommend downloading Rockford's Perfect Tune app on your smartphone/tablet and playing with it. You can play around in the app without a device connected, and see the options it gives you for configuring its outputs.
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