2018 F150 XLT Backup Camera Issue

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2018 F150 XLT Backup Camera Issue

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Hopefully someone can assist with an issue I am having with the factory reverse camera on my F150. I have the Maestro RR installed with the harness. The only instructions I could find were for the 2015-2017 model truck, which mostly worked aside from the camera. The harness included a separate 8 pin plug for the video out connection from the factory camera however the 2018 model year does not have a separate harness for the camera. Checking continuity at the tailgate plug and the harness, the camera + and - outputs are located at the 14 and 15 pins of the sync connector (APIM). The Alpine ILX-W650 uses a female rca video plug for the backup camera so I tried connecting these pins to the positive and negative poles with a male rca, but no luck. The camera uses 5 connections (+,-,power,ground,and d?). The d wire has me confused.

Any suggestions?


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Re: 2018 F150 XLT Backup Camera Issue

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If you are talking about pin 33, that needs to be grounded. The harness in out kit provides for that.
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