2011 Escalade Premium (BOSE/NAV) using OEM hands free mic and XM

Group using the GM3 and GM5 firmware for Onstar bluetooth, sat radio, Door chime, turn signal retention and steering wheel control, custom gauges, vehicle info, park assist... * see specific firmware for full feature list.
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2011 Escalade Premium (BOSE/NAV) using OEM hands free mic and XM

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Just got my new Pioneer DMH-C5500NEX installed in my 2011 Escalade EXT with BOSE/NAV. Everything seems to be working great, but I do not seem to have the OEM hands free mic connecting to the radio. Is there a way to integrate this, or am I stuck adding an external microphone? I see some talk on the boards about the OEM system being integrated with the Onstar system, but I believe my config was supposed to integrate the Onstar system through the RR?

Also, I was under the impression that the XM functions were part of the OEM Nav headunit and as such would not be available on the aftermarket radio. Is this true? Since I didnt have anywhere to connect the XM antenna plug, I assume its not possible without a separate aftermarket XM tuner and antenna.

Thanks in advance.

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Re: 2011 Escalade Premium (BOSE/NAV) using OEM hands free mic and XM

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The OEM handsfree microphone is part of the OnStar system and is retained if you are using OnStar for bluetooth calling. If you are paired to the Pioneer, you will want to utilize the Pioneer microphone for handsfree calls. Also, if you do plan to utilize Android Auto or Apple Carplay with your new headunit, my suggestion would be to unpair from OnStar, pair your phone only to the Pioneer, and run the microphone.

As for the OEM satellite radio, this one should utilize an external tuner, since there's no antenna at the radio. The Maestro RR will retain that unless the option is unchecked during the flash. By default, it is selected and will be retained when using a RR compatible radio like yours. You'll source over to "OEM sources" or "Vehicle/Car Sources" to access the factory XM radio tuner.
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