VSS - Kenwood DNX996XR + CRV 2012-2014

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VSS - Kenwood DNX996XR + CRV 2012-2014

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Per the CRV 2012-2014 instructions, for a Kenwood radio the VSS is listed as 'N/A'. I realize that most Kenwood radios don't have a VSS, but the DNX996XR had it added to support CarPlay. Is the VSS signal output from the RR when it is configured for Kenwood DNX996XR radio?

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Re: VSS - Kenwood DNX996XR + CRV 2012-2014

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If your radio has a VSS wire, hook our pink wire up to it. If the VSS from the maestro is not connected, the radio will not get it any other way.
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