Maestro with EU Pioneer AVIC-Z810DAB

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Maestro with EU Pioneer AVIC-Z810DAB

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I have a 2014 VW GLI it has the fender system, backup camera, and full steering wheel controls. Since I live in Spain I am looking at installing a Pioneer AVIC-Z810(820/910/920)DAB head unit, and want to retain all of my stock features. However I do not see my radio listed on your page of compatible radios however my research tells me that these are just simply nothing more than the European versions of the AVIC-7xxxNEX/8xxxNEX head units. I am wanting to know if it is possible to use your product with the unit I am looking at purchasing?
The unit has the data port on the rear for the Maestro to plug into.

Link to description of Head-unit from

Thank You!

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Re: Maestro with EU Pioneer AVIC-Z810DAB

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It is not possible to use a European radio with the Maestro product line. Because our partnership is only with Pioneer North America, the European radios do not have the firmware loaded in them that is necessary to make the iDatalink features work.
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