Flashing Maestro RR with Alpine "Others with Bluetooth"

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Flashing Maestro RR with Alpine "Others with Bluetooth"

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I'm trying to retain the factory amp and steering wheel control for a 2016 Subaru Forester XT with Factory Harman Kardon Sound System It's a non-US vehicle, specifically Singapore, the same variants as the Australian market vehicles.

I've purchased the Maestro RR and the SU2 bundle in hopes of integrating the car with a Alpine F309E Halo9 unit. When flashing the Maestro RR, i was not able to enter the appropriate serial number. I understand from searching the forums that this is due to the fact that idatalink only support North America's Alpine units.

I also saw in earlier posts that overseas folks could alternatively select the option of "Alpine - Others with bluetooth" to overcome the serial number challenge. However, I was unable to find this option on both the weblink updater, nor the desktop version. Is this option still available? Thanks!

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Re: Flashing Maestro RR with Alpine "Others with Bluetooth"

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This will not work. At this time, the only firmware that exists for these cars is for iDatalink compatible radios. In order for our interface to work, you would have to actually have a North American iDatalink compatible radio. There is no way to trick it into working, because you would need a radio that actually has an iDatalink port for us to communicate with it.
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