Honda Civic ex coupe 2007 w/o Nav Maestro installation

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Honda Civic ex coupe 2007 w/o Nav Maestro installation

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My only goal was to retain the steering wheel controls and the factory amp and sub.

The deck is a JVC KW-V25BT. I thought it might be fun to also watch engine specs, which the Maestro is supposed to do.

I went to the Maestro site and it shared a colorful diagram. The issue, however is a lot is missing or confusing.

1. My car has a factory amp. Do I pick the instructions for “with an amplifier” or w/o?

The difference is it asks to cut all the RCA jacks and solder for “W/O amp. I question because maybe the “with amp” means I want to install an amp. It’s not clear. Do I cut the RCA cables and solder them or simply plug them in?

2. It also says to connect 3 “Factory Radio Harness” connectors. The issue is the car only has two. Why would the specific instructions for my car ask for that?

3. “Aux in” says to connect if equiped. I don’t know where I would plug these RCA plugs so I left that alone.

4. Maestro Are is to be connected to a data cable and back to JvC radio. There is no data cable jack. Again, I left this off.

5. “Pink vehicle speed wire. Do I connect that? If so, where?

Any help would be appreciated. Where it stands, if I can’t figure this out, I return it all.

All I can get to work is the screen. I see the deck works, but no radio signal or sound of any kind. Not even a pop from the speakers or anything.


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Re: Honda Civic ex coupe 2007 w/o Nav Maestro installation

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That radio will not work to give you gauges or any vehicle display information. To get those features, you will need to use one of the radios listed below in order to make this solution work.

1. You have an amp, so you would choose 'with amp'.
2. You may only have 2 plugs behind the oem radio, and that is all that is needed to make an aftermarket radio function in this car. It's no cause for concern.
3. You would plug them into the radio's aux or av input. Whatever source you plug them into is the source you would tune to in the new radio when you want to use the OEM aux.
4. If your radio has no data cable port, then you would not plug that in.
5. If the radio has a VSS, hook it up to that. If it doesn't, then you don't connect it.
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