DMX906S + 2017 WRX. What exactly is wired into the OBD2 connector?

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DMX906S + 2017 WRX. What exactly is wired into the OBD2 connector?

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I will preface this by saying I know next to nothing about electrical/car audio stuff, so bear with me! I got a Kenwood DMX906S from Crutchfield with the corresponding Maestro RR and SU2, and opted to pay the extra $25 for their ReadyHarness service where they wire everything for you.

I see in Step 4 that there is a cable that needs to be plugged into the OBD2. I already have another device that I keep plugged into the OBD2 port (Cobb Accessport) and from what I've read, unfortunately a splitter wont' work as both sources will fight each other for control - correct me if I'm wrong. That said, assuming I don't care about gauges, tire pressure, CEL codes, etc., is it detrimental at all to not plug in the OBD2 cable that connects to the Maestro? Is there anything that would affect sound quality wired into that cable?

I installed everything last week and have been driving around without the OBD2 plugged in and I can't tell if it's just in my mind or perhaps due to road noise, but it sounds to me like the sound worsens when the car is in motion. The sound quality is not nearly as loud, deep, or clear when the car is in motion vs. when it's stopped, which sounds perfectly fine. I am wondering if it may be related to the OBD2 connector not being used, which I initially thought would not affect sound quality at all, but I may be wrong. The only other thing that I do not have connected in the Starlink cable as the instructions state I only need to connect that if my stock headunit had the telematics unit and if my car has the SOS button, which it does not (6.2" headunit stock, non HK).

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Re: DMX906S + 2017 WRX. What exactly is wired into the OBD2 connector?

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the OBD2 connector has nothing to do with the audio. also the maestro itself has nothing to do with the audio on this platform. The audio signal merely pass through the harness and never into the maestro module. in essentially is going from the radio directly to the speakers. Anything with the audio would be radio related. Try messing around with the multiple EQ setting various audio effects that the radio has.
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