Support for 2008 Outback XT 2.5 Limited (non-nav, manual)

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Support for 2008 Outback XT 2.5 Limited (non-nav, manual)

Post by s0ma7 » Fri Sep 06, 2019 4:31 am

It looks from the compatibility info on the site like the Maestro RR is supported for SWC, gauges, VSS, etc. for a 2008 Legacy.
However, when switching the model to the Outback, only the Maestro SW is listed as supported, with nothing beyond SWC.
Given that the Outback is just a wagon variant of the Legacy, this seems somewhat odd.
Is there something special about the Outback that prevents this, or is it possible the data is incorrect?

This thread seems to suggest that gauges, etc. should be possible on the 2008 OBXT:

I will be installing a Kenwood DDX-9906XR.
I was hoping to get the VSS wire from the Maestro RR to enable wireless CarPlay, and the gauges would be a nice perk too.


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Re: Support for 2008 Outback XT 2.5 Limited (non-nav, manual)

Post by Zack Flynn » Wed Sep 18, 2019 7:32 pm

While the Legacy is supported for the same year, only the steering wheel controls and vehicle gauges are able to be derived with an RR, not a full vehicle solution that has a more robust firmware and vehicle specific harness. With the steering wheels for both vehicles being very similar, it is possible that you could flash it as the Legacy and get steering wheel controls and gauges for your Outback, but you would still need to get VSS from the vehicle analog, because the SI firmwares do not provide VSS. Hope this helps
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