Hyundai Accent

Analog Steering Wheel Interface
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Hyundai Accent

Post by arieshton »

Im planning to purchase you Maestro ADS-MSW Steering Wheel Control Adapter. Looking at the compatibility from the list of your steering wheel installed in Hyundai Accent, I see theres a difference from the buttons on my steering wheel.

This is my steering wheel


this is from your list


My steering wheel doesnt have the cruise control buttons but it has the mute button yours don't have. Will there be no problem if I install the Maestro ADS-MSW, and if the module will detect the mute button?

Thank you

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Re: Hyundai Accent

Post by billr »

Since this vehicle isn't from North America the only way to make the SW work is to get to the steering wheel control wires, measure the resistance of each button when pressed, and use the "Vehicle not listed? Create a Custom Wheel" option so you can create your own firmware.
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