2016 Toyota Camry Special Edition - Install Issues

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2016 Toyota Camry Special Edition - Install Issues

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I had my new head unit and amplifier installed yesterday by a "professional". The head unit is a Pioneer AVH-W4500NEX and the amp is a Pioneer GM-D8704. For the sake of being easy, lets assume the Maestro RR was flashed correctly (it may not have been). There are several issues that are not working properly in the vehicle.

Issue #1: The mechanical foot emergency brake stopped working. This may simply be coincidence, but it happened right after the install.

Issue #2: The USB plug in the console does not work.

Issue #3: The phone buttons on the right side of the steering wheel are not working. I did verify this in the Wallet Card that they were activated in the flash.

Because I am not a pro, let alone novice, at this, does anyone have any recommendations on where to start to diagnose these issues?

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Re: 2016 Toyota Camry Special Edition - Install Issues

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When you say the mechanical foot brake stopped working, do you mean you can't physically move the brake?

For the USB, did the original radio have navigation built in or was it more basic? If it was the navigation radio you can use our adapter ACC-USB-TO2 or ACC-USB2 (both will work, whatever is easier to find online or in a store). There is a plug behind the radio that was orignally connected to the factory radio, it goes to the USB in the dash. using this adapter will allow you to use the USB HOWEVER if you want to use it for Carplay or Android Auto there is a good chance it won't work. This is because the distance the usb wires have to travel to get to behind the radio and with the small gauge wire tend to cause much resistance and doesn't allow as much data as Carplay or Android Auto needs so it works properly.
If you have the more basic radio there is an adapter you can get however we don't have it currently.

I see in your flash for the Maestro that everything is good, no issues, and that your BT buttons (Voice, answer and hang up) are assigned. If you push the voice button, does it prompt your phone?
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