2015 Jetta tdi se kenwood dnx995s

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2015 Jetta tdi se kenwood dnx995s

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I recently installed a Kenwood DNX995S. I previously had a Pioneer AVIC-5000NEX. With the Pioneer everything worked the way it was supposed to, but for some reason nothing works with my Kenwood. I have tried refreshing the module with all four available firmware, a new VW1 harness, replacement idatalink cables and OEM set up is still unavailable and none of my steering wheel controls work. I'm not sure what other options I can try to get it to work.

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Re: 2015 Jetta tdi se kenwood dnx995s

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What is the light on the maestro doing- is it blinking red twice?

2 red flashes means the RR is not talking to the radio, which explains your steering wheel controls not working. There are only a couple things that can cause this:

1) The all black, 4-pin data cable is not connected/not plugged into correct location. Please ensure it is in the black port on the maestro (the red and blue ports on the module should be empty).

2) Flash was bad/not completed/failed.

3) Wrong radio model entered during the flash

4) Serial number is different than what's on the box/radio - We have seen instances where the s/n of the radio is actually different inside the radio than what is listed on the radio or on the box. You can check this by going into the settings of the radio and look for the software/firmware screen. you should see either Device Number or Serial Number. Make sure it matches what you entered during the flash.
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