Maestro fuel gauges off?

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Maestro fuel gauges off?

Post by BillComm »

So my 2012 civic si coupe has a 13.2 gallon tank.

When I top off, I mean squeeze every last drop into maestro gauge will only read 94% while my dash gauge is 100% full.

When my dash gauge is 1/2 my maestro gauge is off.

I've adjusted the tank capacity option a bunch, but still cant seem to dial it in.

As a result, I'm thinking the distance til empty gauge may be of aswell....

Any pointers, or is this not an exact science type deal?

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Re: Maestro fuel gauges off?

Post by billr »

sometimes vehicle manufactures don't take in account the reserve amount of fuel in their calculations so you will have to adjust the tank size, there is no exact science to it, just entering numbers till things line up.
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