Prospective RR buyer with factory satellite radio

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Prospective RR buyer with factory satellite radio

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Hello folks,
I have an ‘08 Highlander w/JPL, W/O Nav and I’m thinking about putting the alpine ILX-107 I had in an older car into this one. I’ve got many questions, but a big one for me is having a Sat radio in the car.

It has factory XM that I’ve enjoyed listening to, but changing to the ILX-107, it doesn’t have sat radio built in. (It’s basically a nice monitor to play Apple CarPlay.)

I’m reading that RR let’s you use the factory XM receiver. Does anyone know if this is the case? If the head unit doesn’t have Sat, is this a work around or am I dumb for thinking there’s a way around the HU limits.

A side question, can you use a OBDII reader like Automatic and RR at the same time or do you have to swap them if you want to see the gauges on the dash?

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Re: Prospective RR buyer with factory satellite radio

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Unfortunately the OEM sat tuner is not retained in your vehicle. To have satellite radio you will have to have the SiriusXM app on your phone and open it through Carplay (as long as you have an iPhone).

as for the OBD2, if you have anything else plugged into the OBD2 at the time we are plugged in then we will stop reading the information so not to get in the way of whatever is attached. Once it is removed we will start reading the OBD2 information again.
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