2015 Outback - steering wheel buttons not assigned

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2015 Outback - steering wheel buttons not assigned

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I am replacing the Harman Kardon radio in my 2015 Outback limited with the HK amp with a Kenwood DMX906s. I got it all from Crutchfield with a pre-wired harness, etc. I went to install the firmware on the MRR last night. I am using the desktop app on my Mac. I put in the S/N of the radio and then the button mapping screen comes up. The default on each one is listed as None. I really don’t want to determine proper usage and re-flash 100 times before getting the right functionality (especially because I do not have a garage to do the work in, but will be on the street or in a parking lot). Does anyone have the proper settings for the buttons, or know where I should look? Again, I can guess, but would prefer the proper settings the first time.


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Re: 2015 Outback - steering wheel buttons not assigned

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Normally they are preset for you but sometimes they slip by. Here's how I would set them:
Vehicle button - Push - Push and Hold
Volume up - Volume + - None
Volume Down - Volume -
Track up - Seek + - None
Track Down - Seek - - None
Media - Display Gauges Screen - Display Vehicle Info Screen
Source - Next Source - Previous Source
Mute/Enter - Mute On/Off - None
Voice - Voice or Siri - None
Back - Band (FM, Sat) & Folder + - Band (AM) & Folder -
Off Hook - Answer Call - None
On Hook - Hang up & Reject Call - None
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