2010 Jeep JK W/Alipne premium sound system AMP by pass question.

Group using the CH1, CH2 and CH3 firmwares for uConnect, steering wheel controls, OEM amplifier retention. compatible with select Mitsubishi and Volkswagen vehicles * see specific firmware for full feature list.
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2010 Jeep JK W/Alipne premium sound system AMP by pass question.

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I Have a 2010 jeep JK Rubicon. It is equipped with the Alpine premium audio system as per the OEM cut sheet. I had a local audio store replace the factory head unit with a pioneer AVH unit and it sounds like crap. I have no fade controls, at all and I am not happy.

I am doing a complete audio system upgrade, new head unit, hew 4 channel amp, new 1 channel, replacing the speakers, as well as adding an additional sub. I have sourced a new head unit, Kenwood DDX 6705s. As part of this installation, I have been advised i will need the HRN-RR-CH1, as well as the ADS-MRR. I want to use the head unit for the vehicle system information, gauges etc...

When i install the head unit, I will be using the pre-amp out puts and by-passing the factory amp.

Is there a supplemental schematic for the wiring if i am not utilizing the factory amplifier or speaker wiring harness in the jeep? Can I simply not terminate the wires for the speakers on the HRN-RR-CH1 harness? I have read the installation instructions, will the green and white plugs built into the harness need to be configured a certain way? This jeep does not have the steering wheel controls.

Please advise as I would like to know what my options are prior to purchasing the harness.

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Re: 2010 Jeep JK W/Alipne premium sound system AMP by pass question.

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There is not an additional schematic because we are a factory integration company. If you want to bypass, the system design is up to you, so you can wire it however you like. None of the speaker wires go through the maestro, so bypassing and wiring the amp are the same as if you had any other interface installed.

Because the vehicle is oem amplified, you'd have to run wires either to each speaker, or to the output of the amp. There is no need to configure the white/green plugs on the t-harness, as you likely won't be using those wires.
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