AR red double flashing LEDs...

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AR red double flashing LEDs...

Post by mochs » Sun Jul 07, 2019 4:24 pm

What does double red flashing LEDs indicate and why can't I find this information anywhere? There's an entire video on this for the RR, but nothing for troubleshooting for the AR anywhere. Not even a reset procedure.

This has really become nothing but a huge headache since I introduced the EXT harness into the system. I have well over a $1,000 worth of gear in the back end I haven't been able to use for months because of this AR issue and I have nothing but my cell phone for music. It's been more trouble than it's worth.

I've had the same AR and the same Kenwood amp for nearly a year and had no issues with it until I put that EXT cable in and now I can't get it to power up even with it hooked up like it was before. I've flashed it numerous times and checked and rechecked the serial number off the box and yet all I get is a blip of green LEDs when power is first applied then it goes to double red and that's it. The EXT harness is out of the path right now, and I"m back to coming straight off the CH3 harness like it was before and nothing.

Also, when using the Kenwood extension, we're supposed to perform some odd wire surgery with the white 2 pin connector...are we supposed to still do that when using the EXT harnesses, and why isn't that made clear anywhere?

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Re: AR red double flashing LEDs...

Post by Zack Flynn » Mon Jul 08, 2019 12:14 pm

2 red flashes on the unit indicates that we don't have any communication with the amplifier. This is either caused by a bad physical connection on the data cable that connects the AR to the amplifier, or the wrong serial number being entered when you flashed the AR.
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