Kenwood firmware update

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Kenwood firmware update

Post by wwinter » Sat Jul 06, 2019 7:57 am

I installed a DDX9705S, Idatalink Maestro RR. Flashed for retaining Uconnect.
Had a 430N RHB w steering wheel controls. 2017 Wrangler Unlimited. Did not install Kenwood mic.
1 People can't here me thru Android auto when on phone. (I'm thinking I need to install Kenwood mic
because it's going thru the radio for android auto? (uconnect phone works fine when not connected to radio
2 Android auto wireless connects intermittenly. its says phone isn't connect via BT when it is.
then next time it will connect no problem, when I don't change anything. (Pixle XL running 9.0)
3 I noticed there is a firmware update for the radio that is suppose to address AA connection issues.
Is it OK to update firmware on radio, when it is installed, and attacked to Masestro RR?

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Re: Kenwood firmware update

Post by billr » Mon Jul 08, 2019 8:23 am

1) If you are using Android Auto you will have to install the mic Kenwood provided.
2) When you are using both Uconnect and wireless AA they both fight for connection to your phone. I would recommend using one, not both. I would highly recommend using AA since that's probably why you selected that radio. You can take the Maestro out, connect it back to your computer, and edit the OEM Features to Retain by unchecking the Uconnect option. This will tell the Maestro to not use or look for Uconnect therefore not causing an issue with AA. Also I would forget Uconnect from your phone.
3) you can update the radio without having to disconnect the Maestro, that is fine.
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