Ford Taurus Aux input

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Ford Taurus Aux input

Post by Woodguydave » Wed Jun 12, 2019 12:27 pm

I have the DSR1 connected to my 2013 Ford Taurus with the T-harness. AM/FM, CD and Bluetooth all work fine, but when I switch to the Aux input, a horrendous sound comes out. Nothing is connected to the Aux input jacks, and there is no signal going into the DSR1 (checked with oscilloscope). However, a very strong signal is being fed to the front and rear speakers (did not bother to check). After switching the source back to FM, CD or Bluetooth, the signal eventually fades away but not immediately. This loud blarring noise blew one of my component woofers (FL) and tweeters (RR).

Aside from damaging two sets of Infinity Kappa Perfect speakers, I'm very disappointed that I cannot play music through the factory aux input jacks. Before the DSR1, I had been using a Power Acoustic PWM-19 with no issues using the aux input and no "blarring noise".

Has anyone else experienced these issues?

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Re: Ford Taurus Aux input

Post by billr » Mon Jun 17, 2019 8:25 am

try this, go back in and reflash the DSR1 but when it gets to the option of the Optical Input change it to Not Used instead of Switched On with AV Source.
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