Alpine ILX-107 2010 Honda CR-V w/o Nav

Analog Steering Wheel Interface
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Alpine ILX-107 2010 Honda CR-V w/o Nav

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Awaiting an antenna adapter that was overlooked by Best Buy but have the head unit otherwise connected and Maestro flashed. iPhone XS paired. I have 2 problems:

Problem 1:
Mode button on steering wheel will only cycle between Aux and whatever radio selection was last made manually; i.e., it will not cycle through all modes (AM, FM1, FM2, Aux, CarPlay—if the latter is even an option). Maybe the next item is related...

Problem 2:
The only settings accessible on the head unit are audio; others are greyed out. I did find mention in the forum that this might be related to the park brake connection, which currently is only grounded and not connected to the car brake. I thought I’d seen in a video that you could access all the ILX settings initially without needing this connection. Maybe I misunderstood.

Also read in the forum that someone with a 2006 Civic discovered an error in the Maestro instructions re PIN numbers vs wire colors... Followed the numbers but that did mean that pink was *not* connected to pink. Maybe that’s also related?

Many thanks.

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Re: Alpine ILX-107 2010 Honda CR-V w/o Nav

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1: The mode button is programmed to do source. FM1/FM2 are bands, not sources. It should, if working correctly, scroll you through FM, CD, USB, etc.

2: The SW doesn't have anything to do with locking you out of those menus. It sounds like a parking brake thing, like you said. Make sure you put the brake ON-OFF-ON (and leave it on). If it's connected, it should let you into the menus at that point.
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