Reprogram while still attached to 2015 Wrangler

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Reprogram while still attached to 2015 Wrangler

Post by danuuc »

I have installed the RR/CH1 in my 2015 Rubicon. It works. (No compass on EVIC, but that's another post)
I made the mistake of programming it to make MUTE the down hold function on the same button as volume down. So when I do quick consecutive volume down presses, it jumps to mute. Bad choice on my part.
I need to change the button configuration because of this. Pain in the.....anyway....

Fortunately, I installed the module with a USB cable still plugged in that runs to under my dash where I can plug a laptop into it.

With the standard install in a wrangler....still connected in the vehicle....can I plug the USB into a laptop and reprogram the module?

Or can I do something like remove the battery terminal under the hood?

Or do I have to remove the dash, uninstall the module, reprogram, reinstall, reassemble dash, and then hope that I didn't accidentally mess something else up?


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Re: Reprogram while still attached to 2015 Wrangler

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Hi Dave,
you can most certainly keep the RR in place and flash it from there. You will need to disconnect the battery as if there is any other power coming into the RR the USB section will be shut down and the computer will not recognize it.

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