VP Learning?

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VP Learning?

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In the vehicle settings I have a menu item called "VP Learning" with a status value of "Not Done", there is also a reset button for this, but it does not change the status. Alpine support said that this was option not theirs and was coming from the Maestro unit. I cannot find a reference to what this is anywhere.

2017 Toyota Tundra Limited
Alpine ILX-207
iDataLink Maestro ADS-MRR
iDataLink HRN-RR-TO2
iDataLink ACC-SAT-TO2
iDataLink ACC-USB-TO2

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Re: VP Learning?

Post by billr »

can you take a picture of that screen and post it here? also can you tell us how you got to that screen?

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Re: VP Learning?

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Setup - General - Vehicle - Installation Status - Vp learning

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Re: VP Learning?

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That isn't a maestro related setting. All of the maestro settings are under the iDatalink setup menu. If you refer to page 31 of the radio owner's guide, they give you a rundown of their general setup menu. Among that is the installation status menu- They talk more about it on page 41, but unfortunately, there is no mention of what that setting is.

http://support.alpine-usa.com/products/ ... WRA_EN.pdf
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