Steering Wheel Controls Just stopped working

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Steering Wheel Controls Just stopped working

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Here are my details...
2015 Jeep JKU Wrangler
Alpine i207 WRA w/ Maestro unit attached.
Unit has worked perfectly as advertised since the install around New Years of this year.
Today after performing flawlessly for a 6 hour trip I turned off vehicle, then turned it back on as I needed it running for the AC. After turning it back on the steering wheel controls for the radio no longer worked. Those for cruise control and other dash functions work fine.
iPhone was connected via cable and radio was using Apple Play Nav when turned off and Nav screen came up when vehicle was turned back on. I cleared the screen using the steering wheel control I has set to take me to main radio screen... then radio controls stopped working. So I guess the work for a moment.
I should add, I have the doors off the Jeep and had them off when the condition mentioned started.

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Re: Steering Wheel Controls Just stopped working

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Try resetting the radio. If that does not work, reset the RR. This can be done through the iDatalink Setup menu of the radio.
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