2011 TUNDRA w/JBL Pioneer W4400NEX + Maestro RR

Group using the TO1 and TO2 firmware * see specific firmware for full feature list.
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2011 TUNDRA w/JBL Pioneer W4400NEX + Maestro RR

Post by mwuncrx » Fri May 17, 2019 11:35 am

I installed this combo in my 2011 Toyota Tundra Limited w/JBL in late February and it ran flawlessly for 2 weeks. At that point, I started having intermittent audio drop out on the right speakers. This occurs regardless of input/source selected and will sometimes be restored with a vehicle power off/on. All connections seem to be secure and wire connectors have been soldered and shrink-wrapped. More recently, I have lost audio on the left side speakers, with the right functioning correctly. Sound will sometimes return to lost speakers while driving. Crutchfield tech support had no solutions. I have updated the firmware on the head unit to the most recent version. Head unit amplifier settings show system is Retained, Detected and On.
Pioneer AVH-W4400NEX Firmware 1.01
Maestro ADS_RR(SR)-TY01-DS Firmware version 03.00 S/N 691151EF4E
Any suggestions?

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Re: 2011 TUNDRA w/JBL Pioneer W4400NEX + Maestro RR

Post by JustinFerroni » Fri May 17, 2019 12:59 pm

Couple things I'd like to test and try.
1- test the output of the right side of the audio signal from the radio with a DMM set to AC Voltage

2- on the TO1 harness there is a 2 pin white connector that has a green/red wire and a green/yellow. Please cut of the connectors and solder the wire together with the corresponding wires on the other side of the connector.

Please report findings.
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