2014 FJ Cruiser Install Problems

Group using the TO1 and TO2 firmware * see specific firmware for full feature list.
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PID Loop
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2014 FJ Cruiser Install Problems

Post by PID Loop » Sat May 11, 2019 10:38 am

2014 FJ W/JBL System
Sony XAV-AX210 Radio
ADS-MRR Interface Module
HRN-RR-TO1 Factory Integration Adapter

Installation about 6 months old; been like this since install but I barely drive it. When it works, it works great. When it doesn't, it's miserable. Fully integrated through ODB port.

When radio is turning on, there is a 70/30 chance that the radio will turn on like normal, all features available, but no sound whatsoever. At first I was attributing to potentially a faulty wire, but I have triple checked everything. Also all connections are soldered & heat shrinked. I have also re-flashed the ADS-MRR numerous times to try to resolve a few times. I have used the radio GUI to reset the ADS-MRR numerous times as well but the problem persists. I also have a speaker out in the front drivers but after reading this: viewtopic.php?f=404&t=19351, I need to go see if its a speaker or complete side thing.

I have been able to narrow it down to the Amp Setting in the Maestro Menu.
->Maestro Settings
->Vehicle Features
->Amp Settings

Here is where 1 of 3 things normally happens:

Condition 1:
->Amp Settings is grayed out and remains grayed out; in-motion or stationary.
(does not take vehicle motion or bounce to make it turn on, happens when just key to IGN as well)
->After an undetermined amount of time, the radio will just start playing and all settings are available.

Condition 2:
->Potentially after an undetermined amount of time, the Amp Settings will become available.
->Speed Compensation
->Select Enable or Disable
(it locks into the toggle it's in - if OFF, you can toggle ON, but no response in GUI or change in toggle state)
(I've been able to capture this on video)
Normally, when this occurs, I will not have radio on the drive.

Condition 3:
->Potentially after an undetermined amount of time, the Amp Settings will become available.
->Speed Compensation
->Select Enable or Disable
(if selection works, when toggling from Enabled to Disable, this turns the radio on immediately. It also works when I go from Disable to Enable to Disable)
I do not have video of this yet but am trying to capture it.

I assuming there is something wrong with the either the harness (amp turn on proof), the firmware (toggle latches) or proving validation (power/speed/amp on or off/etc).

Any thoughts on how to fix this one?

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Zack Flynn
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Re: 2014 FJ Cruiser Install Problems

Post by Zack Flynn » Mon May 13, 2019 7:42 pm

In the TO1 harness there is a small white 2 pin connector that is part of the JBL t-harness, that has green/yellow and green/red wires in it. check that connection and make sure you have continuity thru the connector and clip it out and solder the wires directly together if needed. Check the connection on the factory side for continuity as well, on both wires. These are how the RR communicates with the amp in the truck. There has also been an update from Sony for your radio, and the fader position is determined by our communication with the radio thru data. It wouldn't hurt to check what version you have and update the radio FW as well.

https://www.sony.com/electronics/suppor ... /xav-ax210
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