Maestro RR disables VW BT and Voice Command

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Maestro RR disables VW BT and Voice Command

Post by Trebor » Wed Jan 09, 2019 2:59 pm

2013 VW GTI. Installed Maestro RR with Kenwood DMX7705S. Multiple issues:

1) Purple/White Reverse signal pass through didn't work - had to hardwire
2) Ditto Light green parking brake
3) Once I'd resolved these I found that the VW BT capability is not available (despite being selected on the radio) and the VW Voice Command is disabled.

Flashed and re-flashed the Maestro as different vehicle then 2012 GTI, then 2014 GTI etc., etc... nothing works.

Discussed 1) and 2) with tech rep at idatalink and was told there's a firmware problem. I'm assuming issue #3 is the same?

It's really not acceptable.

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Re: Maestro RR disables VW BT and Voice Command

Post by Zack Flynn » Thu Jan 10, 2019 3:01 pm

What specifically about the factory BT system isn't working? Just the voice activation, or the entire system? And what version of the Kenwood firmware is on the Kenwood radio? Are you trying to use CarPlay or Android Auto at all as well?
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