Ticking noise w/Maestro RR - Pioneer AVH-2330 (07 Civic SI)

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Ticking noise w/Maestro RR - Pioneer AVH-2330 (07 Civic SI)

Post by cartuned » Sun Nov 25, 2018 7:51 am

So, ever since I installed the Pioneer AVH-2330 NEX with the Maestro RR in my Civic, I've had this ticking noise that just won't go away (steering wheel controls work great though). I've missed with all the settings in the Maestro RR and the Pioneer head unit and sometimes the noise changes (ie. Disable OBD communication or enable scan tool in the Maestro RR) but the noise is still there. After troubleshooting with Crutchfield tech support several times, I took the car to a local audio shop, on their advice, and had them reground the stereo and check all the connections, but nothing they did made a difference. The only thing that has made a difference in the sound was updating the Maestro RR firmware. It didn't eliminate the sound but it did lower the strength/ volume of it. However, I can still hear the ticking noise coming from all speakers when the car is on... but if it's on ACC, there is no noise whatsoever.

Also, once I updated the Maestro RR firmware, the car stopped recognizing that I've put the car in reverse (manual transmission) and it no longer switches the radio's display to the backup camera that is connected. Again, I've tried EVERYTHING to get it to work again (settings in head unit and Maestro RR) but nothing seems to do the trick.

Any help/ solutions for the above issues would be great!

The link below is for a Youtube video another user uploaded that had the exact same issue and I've contacted him for help/ ideas as well.


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Re: Ticking noise w/Maestro RR - Pioneer AVH-2330 (07 Civic SI)

Post by billr » Wed Nov 28, 2018 9:30 am

I'll take a crack at this :D
the ticking sound almost sounds like the fuel pump running. One thing you could try to see if the noise is radiated is remove the radio from the dash (and the RR) while it's on and see if the noise goes away. there might be a wire back there that the radio/RR is picking up the noise from.

As for the reverse signal with a manual transmission vehicle, normally the reverse signal isn't provided, it's not seen on the CAN network. Since you said it did work originally I rolled back your firmware in your account to try again. Just take the RR unit out and reflash it however you want to select the tab that says "Flash by user firmware". inside there you will find the last firmware you had. if you ever want to use the latest firmware again you can flash like normal, Flash by Vehicle.
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