Mustang 2015-17 Base Radio

8-Channel Interactive Signal Processor w/ Integrated iDatalink Maestro Module
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Mustang 2015-17 Base Radio

Post by gatornek » Fri Nov 16, 2018 12:15 pm

I don't have experience with the idataLink harness, but I have a friend who I watched put a Metra harness in his 2015 Mustang with base radio. It was plug and play basically. The only thing he had to do was enable linelevel low out of his head unit with Forscan (and he obviously needed an aftermarket amp after the DSP to then drive the signal). I bring this up because BOTH Metra harness AND idataLink say that 2015-17 Mustang base radio is NOT supported for both AX-DSP and DSR1, respectively. Why? If I enable line level out of my head unit, could I not use the DSR1 with either HRN-AR-FO3 or HRN-AR-FO2.

For cryin' out loud, I've seen video examples where a DSR1 is used simply by breaking out the 8 speaker wires from a CARAV 12-240 harness (its used for newer Ford OEM base model radios). Fuse 23 in the Mustang kick panel was used for turn on in that setup. That was the only 'outside the box' instructions needed.

I want a DSR1, but I can't believe that this cable is NOT SUPPORTED in my base radio 2016 Mustang, in ANY type of configuration. Someone please help or explain to me what I'm missing. Thanks!!

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Re: Mustang 2015-17 Base Radio

Post by Dara DeGrand » Fri Nov 16, 2018 2:23 pm

We do not cover non-amplified vehicles with our firmware because there is no need for it. We only need to integrate chimes, nav prompts, etc when it would have otherwise been done by the amplifier. Our plug and play harness plugs in where the OEM amplifier was, so there is physically nowhere in your car for it to plug into. That's why we don't cover it.

The DSR1 can be run standalone on any vehicle, including the base model mustang.
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